RTR Episode 15 - Turings Tin Boys at Barrage and Operation Silverspear

October 6, 2018

Hi All


After a brief hiatus we're back and in this episode we discuss Paul's shenanigans at Barrage.

James introduces Operation Silverspear a one day tournament in bedworth in November


RTR Episode 14 - Defiance Rules and New German Units

June 15, 2018

We're into the second episode of our review of the Defiance Book.  

This week we're looking at Rules that have been updated or introduced within Defiance.   We then follow that up with a discussion of New German army units introduced or updated within the defiance ruleset.

Useful Time Stamps

1:34 New and Updated Rules within Defiance

20:23 New and Updated German Units

54:30 Hobby Bench (we all gloat at Paul's latest Automaton Based Misfortunes -ABM)


There are some slight sound issues with Paul's microphone in this episode.   We've fixed the worst bits and cleaned up what we can.   Paul has now replaced his microphone with a new and highly recommended podcasting mic, so we're hoping this won't reoccur.

RTR Episode 13 - Defiance Teaser

June 7, 2018

Those lovely folks at Osprey Publishing have sent us a copy of Defiance, the next book for Konflikt 47!

In this short episode Si, James and Paul give their first impressions, favourite couple of things about the book and discuss Shipman's recent experiences with his Automaton army for Konflikt 47. Scott is unfortunately still in his Gulag down South. Hopefully his tunnel is almost ready!

RTR - Episode 12 - Defiance Leaks and Hopes for the Next Expansion

May 23, 2018

In this episode James, Paul and Si talk Defiance leaks, whilst Scott continues to labour away in his Gulag in Dorset.   

There's some information on a new turret which we've seen printed in the background of some of Aitch's pictures on Facebook.    In the Hobby Bench there's some discussion as to how Finnish Si's Finnish army actually is before we go into the main event and let slip some of the things that we can expect to see in Defiance before the cast go through things they hope to see either in Defiance or the next couple of releases.

Useful timestamps for people who want to skip back and forwards

  • Intro 00:00 - 01:45
  • News and Rumours 01:45 - 24:00
  • The Hobby Bench 24:00 - 48:00
  • Defiance information 48:00 - 135:00 


If you're interested in attending The Barrage Show either to play in a tournament or just wander around looking at cool models click here

Finally, if you want us to give your k47 event a shout out please drop us a line and give us the necessary details - where it is, when it is, how much it costs to enter, and what you're looking for from interested players.   


Rift Tech Radio - Episode 11 - Barrage Lists and Heavy Infantry Shenanigans

May 11, 2018

Hi All

We're back with another podcast.   This week;

  • Paul, James and Simon discuss the K47 news and rumours, including some new sculpts that they've seen
  • Paul and Simon discuss the lists that they were going to take to Barrage before Simon realised that he'd double booked himself (what a plum) 
  • We have a brief but spirited discussion about the merits of Heavy Infantry within K47 since the introduction of defiance.     

Here is a link to Paul's article on his Barrage Army so far

James and Paul also indulge in some epic breaking of the 4th wall when discussing our "sekret" text chat that helps gather minds and focus discussion (such as it is) on air!   

You can find information about Barrage 2018 and how to book a spot in Avanti'47 here

Finally please don't forget to check out Boss Minis for all your gaming needs 

RTR Episode 10: The Zombie FAQ and the Diorama Competition (fixed)

March 28, 2018

Hi All

Unfortunately a combination of Floods in the Woods (No that's not a euphemism!) and technical gremlins have conspired to prevent from Scott from joining us from his Cabin in Dorset.   

In this Episode James, and Paul join me (Si, the beast from the east) to talk rumours (oooOOOoooo) the Zombie FAQ and the Diorama competition.   Finally we finish off with hobby bench and shout outs including Boss Minis going "full time" and an exciting Bolt Action 2 event called the Race to Berlin!

We hope that you enjoy this podcast


*edit this episode has had the off mic conversation regarding my blooming greyhound snipped, apologies for any confusion!  (Simon)*

Rift Tech Radio Episode 9: Tournament Thoughts and Listeners Questions

February 26, 2018

In this episode we talk about recent tournaments and events, before answering listener questions.    Scott is (Still) in the gulag with work and family taking up the lion's share of his time at the moment.   

RTR Episode 8 - The Finnish Army in Konflikt 47

January 18, 2018

In Today's episode Paul, James and Si discuss the Finnish Army list for Konflikt 47.   

We give our top picks and discuss themes and fluff for Finnish armies and discuss the army special rules.

Finally we announce our new competition where we give you the chance to win a Japanese Starter Army for Konflikt 47!!


Episode 6 - Minisode 2 - The Japanese Army in K47

October 31, 2017

This Episode we focus in on the Japanese Army list from the resurgence expansion for Konflikt 47.    


Listen out for the shout outs at the end to hear about an exciting competition!

Episode 5 - Resurgence Background and Rules Updates - a Minisode

October 10, 2017

Scott couldn't join us for this podcast as we go through the background and updates to rules in the new Resurgence expansion for Konflikt 47 by Clockwork Goblin Games and Warlord Miniatures.