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Rift Tech Radio - Episode 11 - Barrage Lists and Heavy Infantry Shenanigans

May 11, 2018

Hi All

We're back with another podcast.   This week;

  • Paul, James and Simon discuss the K47 news and rumours, including some new sculpts that they've seen
  • Paul and Simon discuss the lists that they were going to take to Barrage before Simon realised that he'd double booked himself (what a plum) 
  • We have a brief but spirited discussion about the merits of Heavy Infantry within K47 since the introduction of defiance.     

Here is a link to Paul's article on his Barrage Army so far

James and Paul also indulge in some epic breaking of the 4th wall when discussing our "sekret" text chat that helps gather minds and focus discussion (such as it is) on air!   

You can find information about Barrage 2018 and how to book a spot in Avanti'47 here

Finally please don't forget to check out Boss Minis for all your gaming needs 

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