Rift Tech Radio, a Konflikt 47 Podcast

Rift Tech Radio Episode 17. Dusting off the Cobwebs and Discussing Errata

April 15, 2020

For those who like to skip to the spoilers:

00:00 to 01:42 - Introduction in which we hear Paul being dramatic and everyone else sounding like we normally sound

01:43 to 13:47 - Hobby in which which we each give excuses why we've done no podcasting/blogging/hobby for the last 12 months

13:48 to 49:00 - The Errata discussion, where we pick out what we liked from the Errata and I try to sound like I still know what's in my Soviet army to paint list

49:01 to 59:20 - We spill the beans on some top secret huette13 intel that we got last time we were in there for training on  "what non disclosure agreements mean"