Rift Tech Radio, a Konflikt 47 Podcast

RTR Episode 10: The Zombie FAQ and the Diorama Competition (fixed)

March 28, 2018

Hi All

Unfortunately a combination of Floods in the Woods (No that's not a euphemism!) and technical gremlins have conspired to prevent from Scott from joining us from his Cabin in Dorset.   

In this Episode James, and Paul join me (Si, the beast from the east) to talk rumours (oooOOOoooo) the Zombie FAQ and the Diorama competition.   Finally we finish off with hobby bench and shout outs including Boss Minis going "full time" and an exciting Bolt Action 2 event called the Race to Berlin!

We hope that you enjoy this podcast


*edit this episode has had the off mic conversation regarding my blooming greyhound snipped, apologies for any confusion!  (Simon)*

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